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Whebster To The Rescue…

Posted by on March 13th, 2013 at 12:18 am

It’s so often the case that companies feel intimidated by their own web sites, unable to make the changes they know need to be made. Sometimes they feel trapped by their old webmaster, web host, technology, etc. Whatever the story, it always feels great when we get to step in and help an organization to get things back on track–and hopefully alleviate any negative feelings they may have had towards IT people!

The Asian American Literary Review (AALR) was recently in just such a bind. Their web site was being needlessly throttled by its web host–so much for “unlimited” everything, right?–and their previous webmaster had moved on to other projects. AALR reached out to Whebster to facilitate the migration of their complex WordPress-based site to a new host, as well as a company-wide move to Gmail. This meant squaring things with the old host, the new host, the domain registrar, and Gmail.

Well, AALR is now happily back up and running at full speed, and its board members are relieved to know that they have somewhere to turn for future technical assistance. We’re honored to have been able to help them get things back on track!