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A Therapist's Blog


Oakland therapist Gregg Bernstein already had a web site, but he wanted to start a blog–a therapist’s blog. It would be a space where he could comment on issues pertaining to therapy, but also other topics. Hence he decided that it would best to launch the site as a standalone supplement to his existing site, rather than try to integrate it.

Using his existing site’s aesthetic as a template, Whebster was able to modify a beautifully clean and responsive WordPress theme and give Dr. Bernstein a space where he could let his creative juices flow. And since it was built in WordPress, he is also able to manage it autonomously. Ain’t technology grand?.


Key Project Features:

  • New design based on existing site
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Twitter integration
  • Client-maintainable blog format
  • Responsive design gracefully resizes to accommodate mobile devices


Client Feedback:

Mhat of Whebster recently set up a blog for me. Hmm, let me think a moment: what is a phrase for “beyond perfection”? Let’s be clear here: I am a registered Web Dunce. If I move into your neighborhood, I am required to stay a hundred paces away from you, or you will instantly lose whatever tech savvy you have, as it flows into my void. Thus, all I had to contribute to the blog project was that I can write. But within a couple of days, Mhat had set up the whole thing, with a beautiful photo, a lovely look to the home page, and words that sounded professional but human. Plus, he explained the whole thing to me so clearly that even I was able to “work” the darn thing immediately. Now, I’m happily blogging regularly, and everyone I’ve mentioned it to has said they love the site! It even makes me feel like I know what I’m doing – I may even apply to have my Duncery decree set aside. What more can I say? Whebster is the way to go!

-Gregg Bernstein, Ph.D.


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