Hoagy Steak - San Leandro's Cheese Steak Mecca

Hoagy Steak

Hoagy Steak

Hoagy Steak serves up San Leandro’s best sandwich. And they’ve been doing it since 1995. Such a shame, then, that they had absolutely no online presence until 2011. Whebster was charged with building them a simple, appealing web site to help their existing customers and bring in new ones.

We decided to create an online menu via OpenMenu, which we then used to power both the site and their FaceBook page. We did extensive work establishing Hoagy Steak pages on all relevant local web directories. And we’ve also provided business and marketing advice, as well as logo design.

Originally launched in August of 2011, the site was re-designed and re-built in WordPress in May of 2012.

We look forward to many more delicious years of working with them!




Key Project Features:

  • Custom built in PHP/WordPress
  • Logo design
  • Photography
  • Marketing and business consultation and graphic design
  • Integration with social media and local directory services
  • Web hosting


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